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Our mission is to offer support and education and to advocate for those living with chronic health conditions.

We offer support by sharing our wisdom as trained peer volunteers and encouraging patient support groups in our community.

We offer education by bringing public awareness to healthcare issues through health fairs, workshops, and public speaking and through print and broadcast media.

We advocate by representing the consumer voice. We participate in projects that will help inspire change and improve the health of our community.

We encourage people to be engaged in creating a healthy community.

“People with chronic health conditions face challenges every day. They must manage their medical condition and also maintain the ability to do simple everyday tasks that most people take for granted. At the same time they also have to deal with the frustration, anger, and depression that may accompany any chronic health condition.”*

* From Living a Healthy Life: Lorig, et al. 2006, Bull Publishing Company, Boulder, CO

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